Beyond Carbon: Ensuring justice and equity in REDD+ across levels of governance
23-24 March 2012 (St Anne’s College, Oxford, UK)

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) has rapidly become a key pillar of international cooperation on climate change. Since its inception in 2005, REDD+ has grown in scope from being a cheap mitigation option and opportunity to address the 15-20% of global GHG emissions attributed to deforestation into a wider set of activities that reach beyond the carbon dimension of REDD+. They promote forest carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests and forest conservation as well as deliver co-benefits such as biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation. A host of state and non-state actors at all levels of governance have entered this emerging policy field. This conference takes stock of these developments to date. It addresses them from both natural and social science perspectives and discusses the role of justice and equity in current debates on REDD+. Its particular aim is to discuss the limits and opportunities in deriving co-benefits from REDD+ activities. Abstracts are invited for the following themes: ecological dimensions of justice and equity in REDD+; socio-political dimensions of justice and equity in REDD+; role of Indigenous peoples and local communities in REDD+; and how can REDD+ deliver more than carbon benefits. Abstracts are invited of up to 400 words for oral presentations, specifying one of the themes above, at by noon GMT, 4 January 2012. For questions please email Maria Mansfield at Read the call for papers …