Practical Manual on Geographical Indications for ACP countries
Monique Ngo Bagal and Massimo Vittori
CTA and Organization for an International Geographical Indications Network (OriGIn), December 2011 | ISBN 978-92-9081-477-1

Published by two European-based organizations working in agriculture and development, this guide will be launched in the context of the WTO 8th Ministerial Conference, to be held from 15-17 December 2011, and the WIPO Working Group on the Development of the Lisbon System (Appellations of Origin) meeting from 12-16 December 2011. The manual explores the key issues concerning geographical indications (GIs), from the most important definitions to the legal options available to protect GIs and the operational aspects of setting-up sustainable GIs.

GIs are names that are used to identify and commercialize natural agricultural products and foodstuffs, as well as other traditionally made products such as handicrafts, deeply rooted in a given geographical and cultural environment. Natural factors such as climate, soils, local breeds and plant varieties, and traditional equipment, as well as and human factors such as know-how and traditional knowledge, play a key role in forming the quality, characteristics, and reputation of origin products. So, unlike other methods of IPR protection, GIs are generally based on traditional knowledge generated and transmitted over generations. Download the publication [pdf] …