Climate Conversations – Combining traditional knowledge and climate science in Chad
Giacomo Rambaldi, AlertNet News Blog, 28 November 2011

LONDON, UK: The Fulani-Mbororo peoples in Chad had always been able to rely on elders’ knowledge of their ecosystem to sustainably manage grazing. This traditional knowledge has been used to develop strategies to cope with seasonal weather patterns and manage resources. The community has also typically looked to the elders for predictions on rainfall distribution, drought and other seasonal patterns. Now, it would appear that the reliability of their prediction is undermined by increasingly unpredictable weather and climate conditions. Their livelihoods and future as a culture are under threat because of climate change. In a bid to adapt to the changing conditions and maintain their customary way of life, the Mbororo are coming together with other pastoralists, meteorologists and African policy makers. They share information relating to traditional and scientific knowledge and outline their needs. They also look at how to improve the exchange of data, knowledge and information needed to improve policy making to boost resilience to climate change at grassroots level. Read the article …