Culture, Climate and Change: Biocultural Systems and Livelihoods
IPCCA, November 2011

CUSCO, PERU: Nurtured through the Indigenous Peoples’ Biocultural Climate Change Assessment, the new journal Culture, Climate and Change: Biocultural Systems and Livelihoods is dedicated to critically engaging with and disseminating biocultural approaches to understanding and responding to climate change and global change processes. Its objective is to facilitate epistemological bridging between different ways of knowing and being in the world through an open peer review process which aims to promote an environment of cooperation, knowledge exchange and networking between authors and reviewers. This journal is now accepting manuscripts for its first issue. Contributions should emphasize the interconnected reality of indigenous biocultural systems and how they enable adaptive capacity, resilience and mitigation. Submissions that provide local perspectives and knowledge as well as academic and professional inquiry into the discourses and practices of socio-ecological and biocultural complex systems, climate change, conservation, endogenous development and indigenous rights are welcome. A feature of this first issue will be a section on REDD and REDD+, particularly regarding the relationship between the rights of forest dwelling indigenous peoples and REDD. Visit the journal website … Read the call for papers …