Climate Change Mitigation with Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples: Practices, Lessons Learned and Prospects
26-28 March 2012 (Cairns, Australia)

Convened by United Nations University (UNU), in collaboration with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and UNDP, this workshop aims to: reflect the wide and diverse range of perspectives concerning indigenous peoples/local communities and climate change responses (including mitigation); support the build-up of understanding and peer-reviewed literature in the field of Indigenous peoples, local communities and climate change mitigation; compile regional and local data and grey literature that are relevant for understanding climate change mitigation involving local and Indigenous knowledge holders, local populations, and developing country scientists; support Indigenous peoples’, local communities’ and developing country scientists’ engagement and research in international climate dialogues; provide policy-makers with relevant information on the mitigation potential of Indigenous peoples and local communities; and outline a publication in a Special Issue of a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Submissions should be relevant to the workshop theme – Climate Change Mitigation – and should contribute specific knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples/local communities about climate change mitigation. Submissions should either be based on field data and/or knowledge that comes from the communities of interest, or concern a comprehensive literature review on a specific topic relevant to the theme. Submissions will be accepted through the online submission process from Friday 11 November 2011 until Wednesday 30 November 2011. For further information (or if you are unable to complete the form online), please contact Read the workshop announcement … Read the call for abstracts …