Slow Food helps diehard farmers hang onto tradition
Reuters, 23 September 2011

BRA, ITALY: Taking cows to pastures high in the Italian Alps and then making cheese by hand in a nearby tent while the milk is still warm may all seem a bit too much like unnecessary drudgery in an age of high-tech agriculture. But for a group of 14 makers of the rich Italian cheese Bitto Storico it is worth all the effort to preserve a dairy tradition which goes back to the 15th century. Tribal herdsmen in a remote corner of western Kenya are a world apart from cheesemakers in wealthy northern Italy, but they also cling to a centuries-old dairy process for making ash yoghurt to protect local traditions and the environment. What the two groups and other farmers and supporters in 150 countries around the world have in common is that their efforts to preserve traditional food, support sustainable farming and promote a measured pace of life are part of the growing Slow Food movement. Read the article …