Regional workshop on biocultural community protocols
Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), GIZ, Natural Justice and ETC Compas
8-9 August 2011 (Lima, Peru)

This workshop brought together a number of Latin American and other organizations to share their respective experiences or thoughts on biocultural community protocols. Participants included experts on genetic resources, traditional knowledge, intellectual property, sustainable development and ABS, among other issues, as well as indigenous peoples’ representatives. Presentations addressed issues related to: biocultural heritage; the international context with regard to biocultural protocols; and the role of biocultural protocols in the protection of genetic resources and traditional knowledge, and in the context of biotrade; while case studies focused on examples from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Read the Natural Justice post on the workshop … Read the SPDA release [in Spanish], including links to presentations [most of them in Spanish] …