Second Regional Forum for People and Forests
8-9 August 2011 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Second Regional Forum on Community Forestry – Key to Solving Current and Emerging Challenges discussed the further expansion of people-centered forestry in the years ahead. A broad range of social and community forestry issues were addressed, from the origins of the movement and government decentralization to gender equity and REDD+. In a keynote speech, ASEAN Social Forestry Network Secretariat Chairperson Haryadi Himawan emphasized the important role of local people in sustainable forest management and the importance of supporting the livelihoods of some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations in Asia. Francisco Chapela from Rainforest Alliance reported that nearly all remaining forestland in Mexico and Guatemala is managed by indigenous people, who have an incentive to conserve their forest resources. A “Knowledge Fair” highlighted local and country-specific experiences and lessons learned in community forestry. Forum participants drafted a call for action, which will be released soon for action at other fora to mark the International Year of Forests and at the Durban climate conference. Read the RECOFTC release, including links to documents and presentations …