Free, Prior and Informed Consent in REDD+: Principles and Approaches for Policy and Project Development
Patrick Anderson
RECOFTC and GIZ (February 2011) | ISBN: 978-616-90845-0-1

This publication is targeted at people concerned with the design and implementation of REDD+ projects or programs, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The audience includes independent community facilitators or advisors; indigenous and local community leaders; local government staff; project staff/liaison officers; private sector investors; and NGO facilitators, advocates and activists. Divided into three main sections, the publication begins with an overview of REDD+ and the importance of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC). Next is a quick reference section that describes the development of a process that respects FPIC and summarizes key information. The final guidelines section provides more detailed information on twelve aspects or ‘elements’ of a generic process to respect the right of indigenous peoples and local communities to FPIC. Respecting the right to FPIC is, by definition, a locally and culturally specific process in which the affected communities themselves determine the steps involved. It is therefore not possible to produce a universally applicable ‘how to do it’ guideline. This publication provides a basis for more specialized information and training materials, targeted at specific audiences in appropriate languages. It provides guidance on the issues that a REDD+ project proponent or policy developer should raise with affected groups to ensure that their right to FPIC is respected. It also aims to set out the elements of a robust process for obtaining a community’s FPIC and to highlight areas where there is still debate and uncertainty. Download the document [pdf] …