Kimberley Rangers workshop new skills
ABC Kimberley, 21 June 2011

KIMBERLEY, AUSTRALIA: Traditional knowledge and the latest technology have found common ground in the KLC Kimberley Ranger Programme. At the annual Forum, held on the Dampier Peninsula last week, around 200 people, rangers and KLC staff, took part in workshops that ranged from team building to understanding the latest methods of data collection. Guidance from Elders in Kimberley communities and their traditional knowledge has always been the foundation for land and sea management throughout the region, however incorporation of modern technologies has allowed the rangers to play a more extensive role. Workshops held at the forum focused on topics such as data collection, with state of the art I-Tacker computers and software. This management system aggregates information on activities such as turtle nesting areas, sick and stranded wildlife, marine debris and other rubbish and quarantine information. The data collected allows the rangers to share important information with environmental and government groups such as the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. Read the article …