Right to Food: Ecologically based agriculture
Groundviews, 18 June 2011

COLOMBO, SRI LANKA: In this article, Ranil Senanayake addresses issues related to food security and food sovereignty. He argues that the production of food has been the domain of the farming and fishing communities from beyond history. The strong links that farmers had to their land was severed by the introduction of industrial farming and the “Green Revolution.” Traditional knowledge that has sustained humanity for over three thousand years was discounted and replaced with a high energy dependent, biodiversity poor, toxic method of farming, which has been supported and financed by the international banking system. However, recent research has begun to demonstrate the dangers inherent in the industrial approach and shows the value of utilizing traditional approaches. In Sri Lanka for instance, the tradition of selective hand weeding resulted in a crop increase of over 400% in rice paddies. Read the article …