International meeting on Article 10 (Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity) with a focus on Article 10(c) (Customary Use of Biological Diversity)
31 May – 3 June 2011 (Montreal, Canada)

The meeting focused on sustainable use of biological diversity with a focus on customary sustainable use (Article 10(c)), which, according to CBD COP Decision X/43 is a new component of the revised programme of work on Article 8(j) (traditional knowledge). Participants agreed on recommendations regarding elements of a strategy to integrate Article 10(c) as a cross-cutting issue into the CBD work programmes and thematic areas, beginning with the programme of work on protected areas, as well as recommendations on: developing further guidance on sustainable use and related incentive measures for indigenous and local communities (ILCs); and considering measures to increase the engagement of ILCs and governments at the national and local levels in the implementation of Article 10 and the ecosystem approach. One day was devoted to operationalising the three indicators adopted for traditional knowledge: status and trends of linguistic diversity and numbers of speakers of indigenous languages; status and trends in land-use change and land tenure in the traditional territories of ILCs; and status and trends in the practice of traditional occupations. The advice and recommendations developed at the meeting will be submitted to the seventh meeting of the CBD Working Group on Article 8(j), to be held from 31 October – 4 November 2011, in Montreal, Canada, and to COP-11, to be held in October 2012. Read further information on the meeting … Visit the meeting webpage, including links to official documents …