The Indigenous World 2011
Kathrin Wessendorf (ed.)
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs (May 2011) | ISBN: 978-87-91563-97-3

This yearbook compiles 58 country reports and eight reports from international processes. It tells the stories of indigenous communities and organizations from the Americas to Africa, Asia and the Arctic, and draws a picture of indigenous peoples’ realities, their challenges, as well as their positive stories during the past year. Positive developments of relevance to TK include, among others: Kenya’s adoption of a new constitution, which leads the way for recognition of indigenous languages and cultures, as well as indigenous communities’ desire to preserve their identities and cultures; legislative developments in Thailand to restore the Karen’s traditional livelihood, including the continued practice of the rotational farming system; and the African Commission’s ruling on the Endorois case, condemning the Kenyan government’s expulsion of the Endorois people from their ancestral lands. At the same time, the report highlights: the need for indigenous rights observatories to monitor the implementation of indigenous rights and provide legal support; failure to implement free, prior and informed consent; and stories of ongoing encroachment onto indigenous peoples’ lands and territories by companies, and displacement and human rights violations related to large-scale development schemes. The report also includes articles presenting the year’s developments in the UNPFII, the UNFCCC and the CBD, among other organizations. Download the yearbook [pdf] …