The concentration of land ownership in Latin America: an approach to current problems
Elisa Wiener Bravo, ILC and CISEPA (January 2011)

This study offers an initial approach to the problems posed by the concentration of land ownership in Latin America, referring specifically to the recent processes in Mexico, Central America, and the Andean countries. To that end, a double perspective has been adopted: the twin trends produced by the economy and politics throughout the continent as well as national cases with their historic and social particularities. Particular attention is paid to the land problem as an indigenous peoples’ problem. It is noted that it is the indigenous peoples’ lands that have been most violently violated by the emergency and operation of mining concessions, agribusiness and megaprojects. Even when in recent decades formal international recognition of these peoples’ rights has been achieved, many states continue without regulating and fully applying the existing conventions. Download the study [pdf] …