Work on traditional Sami knowledge in Norway
Speech by Norway’s State Secretary Raimo Valle, 25 March 2011

KAUTOKEINO, NORWAY: Delivered at a seminar held from 22-26 March 2011 at the Sámi University College, Diehtosiida, Kautokeino, Norway, this speech presents the Norwegian government’s work on Sami traditional knowledge. It provides an overview of international guidelines, including: CBD Articles 8(j) on traditional knowledge and 10(c) on customary sustainable use of biodiversity; the CBD Akwé: Kon Guidelines Voluntary guidelines for the Conduct of Cultural, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; the CBD Tkarihwaie:ri code of Ethical Conduct to ensure respect for the cultural and intellectual heritage of indigenous and local communities relevant to the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity; the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; UNESCO’s conventions on intangible cultural heritage and on diversity of cultural expressions; and ILO Convention no. 169. It also presents relevant provisions of Norway’s Nature Diversity Act, as well as the Árbediehtu project, which was established in 2009 to focus on traditional Sami knowledge; it overviews work done in the framework of the Arctic Council; and presents the CAVIAR project (Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in the Arctic Regions), a project emanating from the International Polar Year 2007. The speaker concludes by sharing his wish that scientific knowledge and traditional knowledge shall play an equal part in management and decision-making on all levels where Sami issues are involved. Read the speech …