Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
NISCAIR publications, Vol. 10, No. 1, January 2011

The January 2011 special issue of the Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge is focused on traditional knowledge in disaster prediction/forecasting, management and climate change. It includes several articles, including on: traditional way of thinking and prediction of climate change in New Caledonia; senses and traditional weather forecasting knowledge among the Kenyah Badeng farmers of Sarawak, Malaysia; biocultural diversity, climate change and livelihood security of the Adi community in eastern Himalaya; a synthesis of the impacts of climate change on the First Nations and Inuit of Canada; disaster management by indigenous people of Bangladesh; traditional intellect in disaster risk mitigation: Indian Outlook, Rajasthan and Bundelkhand icons; and traditional knowledge of natural disaster mitigation and ethno-medicine practices in Himalaya with special reference to Sikkim. Read the issue [website] …