Intellectual Property and Human Development: Current Trends and Future Scenarios
Tzen Wong (PIIPA) and Graham Dutfield (University of Leeds) (eds)
Cambridge University Press (October 2010) | ISBN-13: 9780521190930

This book examines the social impact of intellectual property laws as they relate to health, food security, education, new technologies and preservation of biocultural heritage, among others. It explores how intellectual property frameworks could be better calibrated to meet socioeconomic needs in countries at different stages of development, with local contexts and culture in mind. Chapters of relevance to TK include: food security and intellectual property rights: finding the linkages, by Hans Morten Haugen, Manuel Ruiz Muller and Savita Mullapudi Narasimhan; trends and scenarios in the legal protection of traditional knowledge, by Charles McManis and Yolanda Terán; and traditional cultural expressions: preservation and innovation, by Tzen Wong and Claudia Fernandini. Further information, including links to chapters …