Call for collaborative activity partners
Satoyama Initiative, 17 February 2011

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN: The International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative (IPSI) has circulated a number of proposals inviting IPSI members or prospective members in joint implementing activities. Proposals address: IWRM for sustainable communities; integrating scientific and traditional knowledge for co-management of socio-ecological landscapes for the well-being of communities in the flood-dependent lower floodplain agroforestry, pastoral and fishery systems of the eastwards flowing rivers of Eastern Africa; conservation and sustainable management of mangrove forests in Benin trough local capacity building and community development; development and implementation of awareness tools for the conservation and sustainable use of pollinators in the important areas of agricultural productions in Benin; sustainable management and conservation of resources and traditional knowledge of sacred forests; support for village reforestation; and Satoyama Initiative from Hamamatsu. Interested organizations are requested to inform the Interim Secretariat at isi(at) as soon as possible. Proposals of around 10 collaborative activities will be reviewed and endorsed at the Steering Committee meeting on 10 March 2011. Read the call for partners … Further information on the Satoyama Initiative …