World Bank Affirms Support to Indigenous Peoples in Designing Climate Change Responses
World Bank press release, 18 November 2009

WASHINGTON, USA: A roundtable discussion on Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change was organized by the World Bank and First Peoples Worldwide at World Bank headquarters in Washington. Opening the roundtable, World Bank President Robert Zoellick said the indigenous peoples carry a “disproportionate share of the burden of climate change effects.” He said that indigenous communities have long experience in managing natural resources and adapting to climate change, further noting that “learning from indigenous peoples will make our discussions richer and our actions more productive.” The event aimed at mapping the way forward for an Indigenous Peoples Climate Action Fund (IPCAF). The IPCAF, to be implemented by First Peoples Worldwide with the World Bank playing an advisory role, aims to provide funds to: document indigenous peoples’ responses to climate change; integrate local indigenous knowledge on climate change adaptation and mitigation into project designs and implementation; and strengthen the capacity of indigenous peoples’ communities to influence decision-making and engage in dialogue on climate change at the national and international levels. Read the press release …