Water, Cultural Diversity and Global Environmental Change: Emerging Trends, Sustainable Futures?
1 October – 3 October 2009 (Kyoto, Japan)

Organized by UNESCO International Hydrological Programme, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature and UNU-IAS Traditional Knowledge Initiative, this international symposium aims at encouraging global recognition of, and respect for, cultural diversity in water resources management, in order to facilitate collaborative actions for sustainability of water and cultures. Participants will address issues including: “water cultures”  and the culture of water; how traditional ways of life are threatened due to the loss of water resources and how traditional knowledge might contribute towards future water security; how water resource development and management has undermined the viability of culturally diverse groups and how water resource management can strengthen biodiversity and cultural diversity; and strategic recommendations for incorporating sociocultural perspectives into water resource management systems, addressing rights and entitlements to water, and stewardship principles and responsibilities. Visit the Symposium’s website … Read UNU-IAS TKI’s news release …