OHCHR Indigenous Fellowship Programme

The aim of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Indigenous Fellowship Programme (IFP) is to give indigenous peoples the opportunity to gain knowledge of the UN system and mechanisms dealing with human rights in general, and indigenous issues in particular, so they can assist their organizations and communities in protecting and promoting the rights of their people. The four-month programme is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and is an inter-active process, which consists of briefings on several topics (i.e. OHCHR’s work, the UN system and mechanisms) individual and group assignments. Fellows also have the opportunity to receive training sessions with other UN agencies, including ILO, WIPO, UNESCO and UNITAR.

The deadline to apply to the 2009 Programme depends on the language component selected.

  • 2009 English speaking Programme deadline: Friday 27 June 2008;
  • 2009 Spanish speaking Programme deadline: Monday 30 June 2008;
  • 2009 French speaking Programme deadline: Monday 15 September 2008;
  • 2009 Russian speaking Programme deadline: Tuesday 30 September 2008.

Visit the IFP page for more information and application forms…